School News April 25th 2021

School Notes Borrisokane Community College
Evan, Brian, Aidan and Adam from eMovement worked with our Transition Years and LCAs this week. They showed and demonstrated the latest developments in electric transportation that opens up new vistas and applications that were science fiction only a few years ago. Our students enjoyed participating in this venture and learned how to manoeuvre Segways in an enthusiastic and fun way. Thanks to eMovement for coming to the school.

24hr 5K Teacher Challenge.
Borrisokane Community College Staff are completing a 24hr 5K to raise money for Pieta House and counselling services in the school. A GoFund Me page will be set up and information will be posted on our social media pages. This is a school community event so please feel free to participate, post yourself and tag the school.

Borrisokane Community College: A Week in Norway
Erasmus+ students in transition year at Borrisokane Community College took part in another virtual mobility, this time hosted by Norway. There were 18 Irish students with over 80+ students from other countries, along with our teachers Ms. Morgan and Ms. Linehan, and the other teachers from Lithuania, Norway, Spain and Germany. To start the week, students took part in an opening ceremony, where the Norwegian principal declared the mobility open, and the events of the week began. On Monday, students presented about their national landmarks and monuments from their countries. Every student in each country had the opportunity to learn lots about the different locations and sights in each country and other countries about many Irish landmarks, such as the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren. Tuesday’s activities consisted of presentations on the national sports of each country. The sports presented included basketball, swimming, skiing, soccer and of course, the Irish presentation on the GAA. The Irish students collaborated to make the PowerPoint to present, so great teamwork was involved, and the other countries were fascinated by the information they learned. On Wednesday, the students participated in some art. Each country was tasked with painting a picture of a national geographical landmark in their country, and the paintings included the Spire, the Cliffs of Moher, the Rock of Cashel and Hill of Tara. The Irish students got lots of help from Ms. R Ryan, who was more than happy to provide the painting expertise. The students gave Ms. Ryan a card and some chocolate to show their appreciation. Thursday’s activities consisted of some cooking of Norwegian delicacies known as “Potatolefse” cooking expertise was provide by Ms Bergin. The dish is similar to a potato cake, and they were topped with lemon and sugar. Students enjoyed the process of making them and enjoyed eating them with their European friends while in breakout rooms from the main conference call. To show their appreciation for the help received, the students also presented Ms. Bergin, the Home Economics teacher, with a card and some chocolate. To finish the day, and mark World Earth Day, students watched a mini-documentary called “Do the Math” which talked about a movement and organisation called which strived to tackles issues within the fossil fuel industry, as this industry is one of the leading causes of CO2 emissions in our atmosphere. The main topic the groups were trying to tackle was Climate Change, which is one of the UN goals for Sustainable Development that we our project is tackling. On Friday, the last day of the mobility, the students participated in Fitness Monopoly. The game consisted of 2 teams where each team used an electronic resource to roll the dice and move their token around the board. Each square on the board consisted of one exercise to do. Some examples included jumping jacks, squats and high knees. Students took great enjoyment out of the activity. At the end of the of the day, the closing ceremony took place, and the students logged off the conference calls. While disappointed it was over, the students were looking forward to the next mobility, presented by Germany next October. There was great from the students so far in Europe Evolving and there is much more to come.
Kevin Troy and Ms R Morgan

Borrisokane Community College Transition Year students prepare for their interview of the Irish Angus Competition last week. L to R: Alastair Grant, Ross Austin, Adrian Dockery, James Kelly.