Prefects & Student Council

At Borrisokane Community College we value the voice and opinions of the students. We have various student representative bodies providing students with an opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills.

At Senior cycle, we have an application process in 5th year to become a prefect in 6th year. Prefects (23) carry out a number of important tasks in the school including representation of the school body, representation of the school at external events, support and help staff, assist in the maintenance of discipline during lunch times and in the canteen and any other relevant and important functions as they arise at school related events.

In Transition year the Cairde system has been running with great success for a number of years. They ‘buddy up’ with the incoming first years and help to ensure a smooth transition from Primary school to Secondary School. Each of the 20 TY’s monitor closely the progress of their select group of 1st years throughout the year. They are there to support them and advise them as they begin their journey through Post primary education.

The Student Council consists of two, one male and one female democratically elected representative from each year group.  At senior level, there will be one representative from the L.C.A. classes. The members of the Council work and lead together to create in cooperation with the Principal, staff and students, a better school life for the students of our school. The council provides students with opportunities of leadership and to develop in all students a sense of responsibility. Students in the school are encouraged to become more aware of how the school is run and to constructively identify and express their needs and to contribute to overall school development by being involved in school policy development and to be a resource in working in partnership with the management of the school. The members can act as a liaison where appropriate between the students and the teaching staff and management.