Green Schools

Our Green School

Our school has been involved in the Green-Schools Programme since 2013 and has been awarded for excellence in litter/waste reduction, energy conservation and water conservation. In 2019 we started our work towards our fourth Green-Flag which is all about transport. The ultimate aim of the theme is to increase the number of students travelling sustainably to school (cycling, bus, carpool, park & stride or walking).

Green-Schools Committee

The Green-Schools Committee directs the school’s involvement in the programme and work to maintain previous themes. The committee is made up of students representing each year group and teachers.

Students on the committee: Adam Bourke, Andile Ncuba, Dan Ryan, Liam Foley, Cora Speiser, Senan O’Brolchain, Odhran Fitzmaurice, Coleen Boyle, Sarah Guidera, Amy Dunne, James Kelly, Shane Dunne, Ruairí O’Brolchain, Thomas Brennan, Amelia Corbett, Skye Richardson, Niamh Slattery, Aine Slattery and Hannah Tucker

Teachers on the committee: Ms. Linehan, Ms. Mahoney, Ms. Dillon, Ms. O Sullivan, Ms. Austin and Ms. Minogue

For this flag we looked at how students travel to school, examined routes for problems & solutions and completed traffic surveys outside our school. We also worked to raise awareness about the environmental impact of sustainable travel such as a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

Please see a link to our Action Plan – Click Here.

Achievements to date include:

  • Travel surveys to determine how we travel to school
  • Attended the Green-Schools Travel Conference 2020
  • Promoted Walks for Wellness – Wellbeing Wednesday
  • Road Safety – Driver awareness with TYs
  • Walkability Audit with GST Officer Fiona Barry
  • Traffic study and pedestrian study
  • Climate Change Poster Competition
  • Climate Change/Climate Action talk at assembly
  • Bus mapping Project

No Idling Campaign

We are also currently running a ‘No Idling’ campaign so we’re encouraging people to turn off their engines when they are not using them. This will reduce the carbon dioxide emissions and will make the area around the school cleaner.