School News April 17th 2021

Borrisokane Community College School Notes

Diplomatic Passport

Borrisokane Community College is delighted to be awarded the Diplomatic Passport from Worldwise Global Schools in recognition of our activities in global citizenship education. We have worked closely with World Wide Global Schools (WWGS) over the past 5 years to increase our focus on GCE and embed themes across the areas of curriculum, extra-curricular activities, teacher capacity and engagement, student capacity and engagement, school leadership and policies and community engagement.

A recent highlight would be engaging in the EPA module ‘Say No to Plastic’ which ultimately led to Student Council installing a new water fountain. This fountain not only has space for students and staff to refill reusable bottles but it counts each refill and tell us how much plastic we are keeping out of circulation. 7,364 bottles and counting!

We’ve begun work on a sustainable garden, we’ve had virtual guest speakers on gender equality and climate action and our WWGS education officer has done training with our CSPE department. We are also very happy to be part of Take 1, an ETBI initiative to incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals across school subjects.

A group of second year students, facilitated by Ms. Marks, will attend the WWGS online conference on April 29th to receive the passport virtually.

TY Urban Orienteering

TY took place in Urban Orienteering and Team Building activities this week.  Great fun was had attempting the challenges and working together to complete.  Thanks to for facilitating this event.

School App

We encourage all parents to download the app to you phone.  It can be used for contacting school, keeping up to date with school news and for sending in notes.  If you have any queries please do not hesitate in contacting us on 06727268

Fairtrade Baking Competition

During Fairtrade week a baking competition was organised by Ms. Geaney Home Economics teacher. The focus of Fairtrade week this year was on equal pay for farmers and their work and the food focus was cocoa.  The challenge for students was to create a dish, sweet or savoury and include at least one Fairtrade product in the creation.  The winners of the competition received their prizes this week.