Pastoral Care

The school boasts an excellent and extremely supportive Care team. It comprises of the Chaplain, Deputy Principal, Career Guidance Counsellor and representatives from the SPHE and RE departments. They meet weekly where any recent events or incidents affecting the emotional wellbeing of the students are discussed. Check and Connect is offered to the students by different members of the team deemed most appropriate. If the issues become more serious, home is contacted and referrals to our external counsellors that work every Wednesday are made. It is fully appreciated and respected that in order for our students to achieve their full potential academically they must be emotionally well.

College Chaplain

The role of the Chaplain is to be a faith presence in the school community, available to all students and staff.  The chaplain’s non disciplinary role in the school enables her to develop a relationship of trust with the students, staff and parents.  She works in conjunction with the staff within the mission statement of the school.  The school has a holistic approach, promoting the moral, spiritual social and personal development of students.  The Chaplain participates in activities which relate to the well-being and development of the school community e.g. Pastoral Care meetings, Crisis Response Group.

The School Chaplain exercises her role by:

  1. personal contact with individual students
  2. access to class and small groups
  3. helping with liturgical functions
  4. maintaining a lively interest in recreational, cultural and outreach activities
  5. responding to day-to -day pastoral needs of students.

The Chaplain is qualified to work with students and young people as part of the Rainbows Loss and Bereavement Group.