Student Support


Rainbows is a Peer Support Programme for children aged 6 – 18 years, who are grieving loss in their lives usually as a result of bereavement or separation.  Groups of three to five children of the same age group take part in the programme.  The sessions are run by trained, caring adult facilitators.  The sessions are usually held once a week over a number of weeks and on the final night a prayer service or mass is held for the children in the group and their families and friends.  This is a confidential service and further information is available from Sr. Nora at the Community College.

Career Guidance

The career guidance office has a comprehensive library of careers information. It has a computer and a range of Vocational Interest and Aptitude Tests enabling us to offer a comprehensive Careers and Counselling service. The Career Guidance teacher meets students on an individual basis to assist them in making decisions on courses and careers.  Provision is also available for parents to meet the Career Guidance Teacher.Information Nights are organised for parents in relation to choosing subjects and the C.A.O. System.

​​​Foróige Big Brother / Big Sister Mentoring Program

Big Brother/Big Sister is an Internationally renowned Youth Mentoring programme run by Foróige and facilitated in Borrisokane Community College. It is making a positive difference in the lives of young people by matching them with a caring older volunteer. It commenced in the US over 100 year ago, now operating in 13 countries worldwide. It has been operating in Ireland for the last 15 years with both schools and community programs organised by Foróige. It is based on an underlying assumption that a caring adult friend can help build positive assets for young people and enable them to have: A commitment to learning, a positive sense of self and the future, positive values of caring, honesty and responsibility & social competencies – making friends, planning, decision making…..

The Big Brother Big Sister mentoring Program has been operating in Borrisokane Community College since 2013 and involves first year students being mentored by TY students. We hope that being involved in this program will provide the first years to reach the following objectives; Opportunity to develop supportive friendships in a safe environment, increase their confidence and self- esteem, enable them to have a positive role model in their school lives, have a medium through which to discuss any issues of concern to them and have fun.

Transition year students also develop friendships, increase in self- confidence through training in BBBS, enhance their communication skills, increase self- esteem through positive affirmation and recognition, allow them to contribute positively to the school community and realise the importance of volunteering.

Information sessions, intake procedures, training , making a match, contracts, match report cards, operating the programme, evaluations and recognition events are activities involved in the school run program.

Youth Group​

The overall objective of the youth group is to develop the students social, life, personal and communication skills to ensure students reach their potential. Therefore the aims of this programme are:

  • To develop the social skills of the students;
  • To improve conversational skills;
  • To develop their communication skills in terms of understanding verbal and nonverbal communication;
  • To develop friendships with peers their own age in a structured fun environment;
  • To build self esteem through various activities and programme;
  • To improve decision making skills through evaluation of information and options;
  • For students to understand actions and consequences and be able to assess the outcome of their own behaviour;
  • To equip students with the various tools needed in relation to teen issues i.e. bullying, issues with social networking sites, puberty, friendships, relationships, anger, peer pressure, self-esteem, dealing with academic pressure etc.