School Notes Borrisokane Community College October 16th 2020

Eclipsed Play

Sixth year students viewed a streamed production of Patricia Burke-Brogan’s poignant and moving play Eclipsed presented by dlr Mill Theatre. Borrisokane CC have supported dlr Mill Theatre in the past and we were delighted to be able to support them during this difficult period for the Performing Arts. Eclipsed is an award winning play set in a Magdalene laundry during the 1960s. The play highlights the plight of four women who struggled to bear the austerity of their existence and their desire to break the shackles of societal repression.


Time Capsule

At Borrisokane Community College our Transition Year students are embarking on an exciting journey through History. They have set up a committee to create a Time Capsule that will be buried in December 2020 to mark this milestone year. We would love if the wider community would get involved in this project and add belongings to the Time Capsule. You can contact the school for more information.


Maths Week 2020

Borrisokane Community Maths Department organised many activities during the past week to mark Maths Week. Each Morning a five-minute Brain Teaser was emailed to everyone in the school. There was great anticipation each day to figure these out. First years learned how to make clinometers and then learned how to use them to measure the angles of buildings. Fifth years learned all about STEAM while making paper aeroplanes and also learned about distance speed and time. Third years took part in a Fun Maths Quiz, and also took part in Manga High Quiz. Transition Years were involved in ‘Research a Mathematician’ and presented their findings to their class. It was a great week promoting Maths and thank you to all those who got involved.

Enrolling for September 2021.

On October 15th Borrisokane Community College published the Admissions Notice and Admissions Policy, both documents are now available on the school website Due to current Public Health advice we will be unable to run our Open night as planned for November 2020. Over the coming weeks information will be uploaded to the school website and later when Public Health advice allows, we will arrange for parents and primary school students to visit Borrisokane Community College. Enrolment Forms will be available from November 1st and the closing date for first year enrolments is January 6th 2021. To keep up to date on activities at the school check out social media – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.